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Positive Cash Flow from Day 1

Investing in Commercial Energy Systems such as Solar Power Systems, Voltage Optimisation Technology, Power Factor Correction could be one of the best investment decisions you could make for your business.

EnerSec can assist with project finance and leasing options suitable for your Commercial or Industrial Project with repayments structured so your investment is generating Positive Cash Flows from Day One.

With 5 year, 10 year and 20 year leasing options available and historically low interest rates, now couldn’t be a better time to lock in your energy project and make the transition to a more energy efficient, lower cost operation.

Energy Efficiency Upgrades & Commercial Solar Finance Packages

Enersec provide commercial customers with a range of financial solutions tailored to suit any size commercial/industrial operation with options & packages designed with ‘NO’ or ‘MINIMAL’ Deposit of funds required up front and structured to be Cash Flow Positive for the business from Day One!

So you can trust your investment is protected, we’ll guarantee the financial results and pay back timelines stipulated in our comprehensive site reports and energy analysis data.

We can assist with establishing competitive commercial leasing options to assist with implementing energy efficiency or renewable energy technologies to your operations.

With today’s extremely low interest rate environment and the expectation of rates staying where they are for several years ahead, now would be considered the most opportune time to invest in upgrading facilities to improve efficiencies, reduce energy costs and dependency whilst capitalising on environmental & sustainability branding and market positioning.

Enersec will provide a comprehensive energy analysis data, site recommendation prospectus with 20 year financial projections for review and consideration.

Our Managed Service Agreement model provides customers with the option to purchase & install equipment with No Up Front costs required, in return for an agreed share of the energy savings achieved including full O&M responsibilities during the agreed time frame.

Managed Service Agreements are typically structured over a 10 year period with the option to extend further or purchase equipment outright available at any stage.

To assess if this option is suitable for your business, we recommend first carrying out power quality & energy analysis to investigate on-site energy behaviour and identify areas to target for reduced energy consumption. Our comprehensive reports include technology recommendations with 20 year operating financials and guaranteed Return on Investment KPI’s.

Typically PPA’s are perfectly structured to suit businesses who would like to install solar power but don’t necessarily want the upfront or ongoing cost burden associated with running a solar system.  Designing a PPA for your business means someone manages the system for you whilst you still get to enjoy the benefits of reduced energy costs, reduced carbon emissions and green branding opportunities, all without the hassle of ownership and upfront capital.

What is a PPA

PPAs are essentially contractual arrangements usually made between an  and a purchaser for the supply and sale of energy. In the role of the purchaser, businesses entering into commercial solar power purchase agreements and contribute onsite space (typically, rooftops) for the mounting of solar panels. Their PPA provider takes on full financial responsibility for the solar system, including its installation and maintenance, and retains ownership of it. The purchaser buys electricity generated by this system from the provider, at agreed rates for an agreed timespan.


By entering into a Solar PPA, your business can enjoy benefits of an onsite system, such as lower energy bills, reduced exposure to energy price volatility, green brand benefits and more – all without having to invest your own funds in the solar infrastructure.

Your PPA provider owns and maintains the solar PV system on your rooftop. As the owner, your PPA provider will also take care of all operational and maintenance costs associated with the system. This translates to virtually no financial risk for your business.


With our project financing partnerships, Enersec will deliver lower energy costs low cost solar electricity for your business right on your roof!

  1. Enersec will install your new Commercial Solar PV System with NO Upfront Cost.
  2. Finance Partner operates and maintains the system over an agreed contract period.
  3. Your solar PPA is calculated based on how much solar electricity is generated and metered through a separate solar meter. No repayments – you only pay for the Solar Energy that you are generating.
  4. The solar PPA bill and the now reduced grid electricity bill together are typically significantly lower than your previous bill.

By having the luxury to invest business capital in commercial energy projects upfront will always provide a more attractive ROI outcome. Also the business takes ownership of the asset from Day One with all the usual after sales service, maintenance and warranty protections.

Prior to making any investment commitment, we believe the most transparent approach forward is to encourage customers to make an initial commitment to undertaking necessary site evaluations and energy analysis to determine several key factors in power quality and electrical distribution of the site.

It is highly recommended appropriate energy investigations are carried out so benchmarks can be set in place and areas with the most significant improvements for energy reductions can be identified and addressed with relevant energy saving technologies.

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