Designing Solar Systems with Power Quality in Mind!

The areas of Power Quality, Energy Security and Reliability of Power to your business is as crucial as, let’s say, your heart health!

Allow me to elaborate…

The distribution or ‘flow’ of electricity throughout your site is impacted by various supply issues such as Brown Outs, Dips & Swells, Transients, Harmonics (THD’s), Power Factor, Over Voltage or Under Voltage for a few examples. Each of these issues can play havoc with Solar Systems and potentially render them useless if the power quality issues aren’t addressed.

Simply, what that means is once the electricity distribution is interrupted by one of the power issues, your solar system will shutdown to protect itself until a technician is booked to come out and ‘Re-Set’ the circuit protection relay for the Solar System to start operating once again. Any down time here from a business perspective is lost revenue and solar power generation which you can’t win back.

Why choose EnerSec for your Commercial Solar Project…?

It’s easy to say… “well, simply saying we are the best and we care about delivering on our customer’s expectations…” etc, doesn’t really explain what we do differently here and why you would choose us for your project.
The one significant difference we have is our many years of Industrial & Commercial Electrical experience and understanding of Electricity Distribution to provide business customers with highly experienced Technical Consultants, Engineers and Industrial Electrical Teams,

Our services look at the engineering and technical complexities around the energy security and power quality delivery when installing a Commercial Solar System either before or after installation. We highly recommend understanding the energy behaviour and on-site power delivery of your site prior to installing renewable energy systems or energy efficiency technologies. Why is this important…? Well, for two reasons especially;
1. Constant performance without inherent………………….


Our team will deliver a comprehensive report designed to deliver seamless integration of systems and making your transition to renewable energy easy and reliable.

The Steps We Take to Carefully Plan Your Solar Project:

  • Site Feasibility and Power Quality Analysis .

  • In-House Team of Technicians & Solar Designers to Prepare Reports. .

  • In-House Team of CEC Certified Commercial Solar Installers (No Subs) .

  • Post Installation Commissioning, Monitoring & Maintenance Program

Understanding the interaction of Solar Systems with the Power Grid!

The first rule of any Commercial Solar Project is to thoroughly explore and understand the Power Quality issues On-Site. Once the site analysis is completed, we can properly design and plan for the seamless transition of installing a Solar System without interruptions in the electrical system. (Michael Broad – Director EnerSec Pty Ltd)

As more and more solar is added to the grid, it creates additional strain on the power grid because the grid was never designed to receive Power (Voltage) back into the grid OR in simple words, reversing the flow of energy. Its a bit of a ‘Tug o War’ scenario. The inherent supply issues such as High Voltage Peaks, Transients, Dips & Swells, Brown Outs, Power Factor etc, all play a major part in how your Commercial Solar System performs in the short term and for a future of stress free operation without breakdowns and shutdowns. Achieving the energy generation and investment returns are crucial when investing in solar for your business.