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Optimise Power Supply

Install Powerstar’s LV or HV MAX Voltage Optimisation Technology to protect equipment, enhance performance and increase reliability of Commercial Solar Systems

Optimise Performance & Efficiencies

Increase the performance of your Commercial Solar System through a consistently stable incoming power supply.

We do things a little differently…

Re-Design Energy Transmission with Solar Power

What we mean is, you should be paying as close attention to the electrical transmission and distribution of your site as you would if connecting solar power for energy generation.

The benefits of serious energy reductions are exponentially increased when you improve and stabilise the quality of power being as supplied via the Grid.

We go beyond just installing a Solar System!

What we do differently is simple. We combine our years’ of experience and understanding in the Electrical Distribution Network and Engineering side with how a Commercial Solar System should be Designed, Installed and Commissioned.

When it comes to installing Commercial Solar Power Systems, our bespoke design and installation solutions are delivered around site specific needs and making sure the transition to renewable energy is performed seamlessly and without interruptions.

Commercial/ Industrial sites requiring large energy loads to operate will more than likely experience problems with the reliable operation of an installed Solar System. Fundamentals related to the power quality and imbalances within the electrical supply & distribution on-site will cause the ‘Protection Relay Switch’ to engage and shutdown the Solar System.

This is simply a default ‘protective mode switch’ built in to the system when anomalies are detected within the electrical supply or if there is a problem with the system itself.

Power Quality issues related to a site should always be addressed when designing a Commercial Spec Solar Power System otherwise you risk the potential of shutdowns resulting in a loss of energy generation, revenue and increased maintenance costs. Do it right the first time!

Enersec approaches every commercial project with the concept of Monitoring & Analysing Energy Data first and understanding operational behaviour of a site to achieve best in class site specific design and a seamless transition to generating solar power without interruptions and power outages.

Our Service Commitment & Protections

iTrack Solar Monitoring & Energy Management System

Purchase and install a Commercial Solar Power System with Enersec and we’ll upgrade the package to include our iTRACK Solar Monitoring & Back to Base Energy Management System. EMS allows you to track and record every kwh generated from your Solar System, set benchmarks, provides alerts to any performance or maintenance problems and monitors overall site energy performance including power quality issues with ‘Class 1 Meter’ accuracy.

5 Year Return on Investment Guarantee

Enersec will back your Commercial Solar System with our 5 Year Energy Generation Income Guarantee. Energy targets and benchmarks are easily managed via our iTrack Solar Monitoring System.

25 Year Total System Performance Guarantee

Total System Protection includes 25 Year Energy Performance Guarantee, 25 Year Manufacturer’s Workmanship Warranty and iTrack Solar Monitoring System to track and record your renewable energy investment.

10 YR / 30 YR – Installation & Workmanship Guarantee

Our 10 Year Installation & Workmanship / 30 Year Mounting-Frame System Warranties apply as a minimum to every installation we carry out. Our technicians and installers are highly experienced, CEC Certified and meet all industry accreditations and licensing requirements.

Optimise On-Site Power Supply

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Take Advantage of the
‘Instant Asset Write Off’ Incentive.
Up to the Value of $150,000!

On 12 March 2020, the Federal Government announced a $17.6 billion economic stimulus package to help Australians deal with the challenges posed by the coronavirus. In doing so, the government increased the ‘Instant Asset Write Off’ value from $30,000 up to $150,000 to encourage businesses to invest in their future and stimulate growth.

The generous tax incentives on offer apply to the investment in and the installation of Solar Power Systems and Energy Efficiency upgrades made to the business. There is no better time than now to invest in renewable and sustainable energy technologies to future proof the business against the rising cost of energy.

Let’s discuss how this applies to your business and we’ll prepare our comprehensive Business Energy Prospectus for your consideration.

Request Your FREE Commercial Solar Report and Energy Health Check!

Enersec will provide all business customers with a comprehensive Site Report and Investment Prospectus into the benefits of adding Solar Power to your business.

Our report covers everything from Pre-Install Site Inspection, recommendations in ‘best fit’ System Size & Design and 20 years of Operating Financials.

Enersec will even guarantee the energy generation we claim your system will achieve.

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Our Recommended Solar Products!

Our IN-HOUSE Team of Project Planners, Solar Designers and CEC Certified Commercial Installers guarantees your Commercial Solar Project is protected from day one! We guarantee a seamless transition to generating your own Solar Energy.

Our Commercial Solar Projects are expertly managed by a team of CEC Certified & Accredited Technicians and Engineers providing professional, effortless attention to detail. We take care of all aspects of the installation from site evaluation, system design, project management & installation to comprehensive operating financials, utility connection & commissioning of every system.

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Q-CELLS – Solar Modules

Q-CELLS (Hanwa Corporation – South Korea)

True commitment to renewable energy technology innovation and product excellence! Q-Cells continuously excel in their product development and advancement in Solar Technologies winning numerous awards for performance, reliability and after sales care for over decade now.

SUNPOWER – Commercial Design Solar Modules

True commitment to renewable energy technology innovation and product excellence!

LG SOLAR – Industry Designed Solar Modules

True commitment to renewable energy technology innovation and product excellence!

SOLAR EDGE – Inverter Series

True commitment to renewable energy technology innovation and product excellence!

FRONIUS Inverter Series

True commitment to renewable energy technology innovation and product excellence!

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